Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Furry family

(L-R) Angel, Murphy, Soda, Riot & Sonic

(L-R) Angel, Sonic, Riot, Soda & Murphy

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun in the sun

Riot & Sonic down the beach

Yes he sleeps...just not very often

At eight and a half months the fun continues. Sonic is around 51cms at the shoulder now and I'm not expecting him to grow too much more at this stage. There is still nothing of him so it will be interesting to see if he does fill out much as he matures. I've had to increase his meals by 100% as I've not had much luck keeping the weight on him. The fact that he rarely stops obviously doesn't help this much.
He is still loving his training and I find his enthusiasm to work from the second I get him out of the car a total joy. He is becoming more and more focused on me when we're at training and I can even let him off lead to work if the distractions are medium level. However if someone came blasting past chasing a ball I'm sure that he wouldn't think twice about joining them so I'm still very careful to manage his environment so that scenario doesn't happen. I'm pretty impressed by his focus for his age.
Training is still based around lots of nose touches, focus work, proofing sit stays, circle work, perch work and jump bumps. Over the last couple of weeks I have been including flexi tunnels and balance work on the middle part of the puppy dog walk which he is really enjoying. I'm really comfortable with allowing him to be totally balanced and confident with his body before trying to run him over any equipment properly.
He is most definately still the apple of my eye. I spoil him rotten and he gets away with murder but he is such a character I can't help myself. Whenever he does something he's not suppose to (and that is fairly regularly) he just looks at me with a totally innocent expression on his face that I find it rather hard to tell him off. I'm more likely to laugh at him and let him go. He is an absolute larrakin and I'm sure that if he was a person he would most definately be the life of the party. He loves attention and if he's not the centre of what's going on he has learnt exactly what he needs to do to make sure that it happens. It's certainly impossible not to know when he's around!