Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Has it been a month already??  A third of spring almost gone!  Although if you live in Perth like me, you would be asking "what spring?"  All things agility have been going well.  Cassie finished off her Agility Dog title ending up with three passes in a row.  The runs weren't perfect but she is gaining in confidence every time she is out there, not to mention that she is getting faster and faster.  She has been in about four excellent jumping classes now.  Each one is oh so close to a quallie. Her last run was a total scorcher until her idiot handler pulled her off the last two jumps!  I was so annoyed with myself.  What I love with her jumping runs is that she is just putting her head down and driving to the next jump with every ounce of drive in her little body.  For such a little dog she has got such an amazing amount of determination and heart.

Cassie competed in her first ADAA trial last weekend.  I entered her in the jumping classes only as I'm not quite ready to put her on the contact equipment which is a little different to what she is used to.  I'd rather wait until she is a lot more confident and at the end of the day there is no rush.  She had no problem jumping 250 instead of 200.  Really the only thing she struggled with was the bigger distances between the jumps, particularly on the first two classes when she was feeling a little fresh and silly.  I had no control of her at all.  As the day went on she got better and better as she settled into the task, finishing with a clear run on the hardest jumping course of the day the Open A Jumping.  I won't do anymore ADAA this year but will certainly get into it a bit more next year because I'd really like to go and do the Grand Prix in Tamworth around this time next year.

This weekend is the Perth Royal Show.  Both Cassie and Sonic are competing in eight events each over two days.  I'll have to be really careful with Sonic to make sure that his body is OK.  If I see any signs of discomfort then I'm quite happy to withdraw him from classes but hopefully he will be OK.  It is always a massive weekend but loads of fun.  I can't wait to see the crowds reaction to little miss dynamo and I'll be quietly hoping that she can cope with all the distractions that the Royal brings  and show everyone just what she can do.