Monday, August 15, 2011

Guess who's FOUR

Well I'm only eleven days late.... but it would be remiss of me to not put up a birthday post for my little banana on a big FOURTH birthday. That's right, FOUR whole years since Sonic came into this world which also means this blog has been going for almost four years. Phew!!

My handsome grown up man

I'm still really pleased with how he's going. He's running courses like a dream and I can finally say that we are working as a team. Unfortunately the last couple of trials have seen bars down which is a little perplexing. I've never had a dog who drops bars as a regular thing. It has only been two trials so I wouldn't say that that it's a serious issue just yet but certainly frustrating when that's all that is costing me clear rounds in masters classes. Interestingly he's generally knocking bars on a straight approach. Only a couple of weeks ago he went to extraordinary lengths to get himself over a jump when he'd misjudged his take off. So plan of action is some grids to see if I can balance him up. Then we'll see if the knocked bars resolve.

Ongoing agility training is still the same format for us. I'm currently teaching the Puppy Foundation Class at ACWA on Tuesday nights so after class we work full size contacts, weavers and some jump sequences. Then I do everything else at home which includes ongoing recall work and I'm still working on "The Sonic Project" which is for the most part going pretty well. I have some sessions where I want to rip my hair out in frustration or burst in to tears when I can't even get Sonic to tug with me in His Majesty Riot's presence. However perseverance/determination/stubbornness is the key and the next session is always better. I'm diligently videoing them all so I hope to post an installment when I get time to sit down and edit the footage to a viewable size.

It's more busy times over the next few weeks. I have a quick trip to Sydney for work and then we're off to Europe for a holiday. Can't wait our big trip but so much to do so little time...