Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will I or Won't I?

Take one very handsome boy

and one very pretty girl

and what do you get?

this little cutie...

Probably a good thing I'm going away. Less time to agonize over whether she will be mine!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Laughter and tears

The last couple of weeks were slightly more eventful than I'd hoped with the old girl taking a turn for the worse. It began with Soda being a lot quieter than normal and the ultimate sign of her not being well, her not wanting to eat. All in all she was sick for a good ten days and was in and out of the vets a couple of times most of which was spent on IV fluids and antibiotics. The scariest part was taking her to Perth Veterinary Specialists for an ultrasound. You tell yourself that they are old and can't live forever and I thought I was OK with that. But when I was sitting in the waiting room I realised that I'll never be ready to lose her and all these emotions just hit me. The poor vet is no doubt used to teary owners but I just couldn't stop myself and the tears flowed.

The good news is that after lots of love and care she is now right as rain and back to her normal self, barking at me for her dinner and pushing the boys out the way to get the cat's left overs. The vets did an amazing job and did everything they could to help her and make her well again. We certainly couldn't be happier to have our beautiful old girl back to normal!

Love my girl :)

Last week I couldn't resist and bought Cassie the cutest little jacket for winter when it's gets freezing cold down at the Dogs West grounds. Cassie however didn't share my enthusiasm for wearing it had other ideas on what it could be used for...

This little girl never ceases to have us in stitches!