Thursday, October 11, 2007

A puppies life

Look at those legs!!!

Sonic has been a busy boy of late, filming his first commercial last Wesnesday for a company called Evermore advertising a new Land Release in Beamauris. It wasn't particularly challenging. All that was involved was playing with two kids. As it happened he spent more time trying to bash his little border collie puppy friend Elvis than play with the kids. Much fun was had by all though and it was another great socialising experience.

We have also made our first trip to Better Pets and Gardens along with Riot (who ensures we get a great discount thanks to his commercial work for them). Sonic had a bit of a scare at first with a door alarm going off as we walked through the entrance. However that was quickly put behind us as Sonic realised that all the people in the shop wanted to pat and cuddle him along with some treats to soften the trauma for him. In fact he went from frightened to off the wall remarkably quickly which included leaping on dog beds that I was trying to look at as well as some serious tug of war with Riot's lead as Riot tried to walk around the shop. He is also getting more and more vocal with much conversation with the shop girl Trudy and some customers. He seems to like everyone to know exactly how he's feeling!

Sonic is still pretty good with the other dogs although he has moments where he gets waaaay over the top and gets in their face a bit too much. He has also decided that terrorising the cat is an extreme sport that he wants take up (Kenny obviously does not think this is fun on any level...). Riot still isn't really sure what to make of him although I caught him this morning allowing Sonic to chew his stick with him. Very caring and sharing!

On the training side I'm still not doing lots with him. We always do a morning session where we play tug, do some sits, responding to his name and hand touches. I'm also trying to incorporate a grooming session at least every couple of days. Other than that we just do a couple of play sessions were we muck around with one of his toys. One thing I am very pleased about is that he brings his toys back most of the time when I throw them. It gives me faith that he will be very trainable as I know that getting your puppy to retrieve early is a good sign. I've also been taking him to Canine for walks. One of my big regrets was letting Riot run with the older dogs when he was a puppy and subsequently he has always enjoyed running with the other dogs over interacting with me. I'm quite determined not to make that mistake with Sonic so when we go to Canine I take Sonic out by himself. I really enjoy this time with him and he is quite happy to frolic along with me which is a nice change from having your puppy interested in eveything but you!!!

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Sam said...

Nice shots, great to hear he's doing so well :)
His big brother + little sister are running feral while we move house, but if Basil doesn't get homed soon, Richard may well decide to keep him... Their ears are looking suspiciously up, too. I'll try to put some shots up tomorrow.