Friday, October 17, 2008

Weaving - Part 2

Look I can fly...

I set myself a goal of teaching Sonic to weave in three weeks. I never really thought that we would achieve it. However after two weeks and four days Sonic can weave through 12 straight poles on the competition bases that we use. It's not perfect and his style is still developing but he is doing the 12 poles by himself (no luring) with me just walking alongside. Last weekend the light bulb just seemed to go on and we haven't looked back since. Three cheers for the clever puppy!!

I think we are just about ready to hit Greg Derrett's "Great Dog, Great Handler" DVD and start working on some of those sequences. I will still continue with the double box grid work but I think we need to start expanding our grid horizons somewhat. We have attempted a couple of general jump sequences at training in the last week and I wouldn't say they were particularly successful so I'm really keen to move on and give Sonic some new stuff to learn.

October has finally given us some warmer weather so we've been able to start hitting the beach again. I was starting to get worried about snakes so we'd decided to stop taking the dogs down the bush for this year. About a week later Simone and her dogs came across a snake while down in the same bush at the same place where we go so it was obviously a good decision. Snakes freak me out in a major way and I would prefer not to encounter one!

So training goals for October and November will be continue with weavers and build some confidence, start more complex jump grids, move the A-Frame up at least one more notch and work his speed into 2o2o on the dog walk. We shall see how we go...

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