Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo opportunity

Lucky Riot spent this morning at Debbie Hyde's grooming salon in Midland getting a makeover in preparation for tomorrows commercial shoot with Better Pets and Gardens. I have to say that thanks to Deb my normally scuffy, curly coated, grubby boy has been transformed into a clean, shiney coated handsome man. Just like having a new dog! Now the pressure is on to keep him that way for at least the next 24 hours. Sonic may need to be otherwise entertained...

Naturally I had to get some photo's of Riot while looking so ravishing. Then I got inspired enough to capture some of the other furkids giving me their best expressions.

Miss Noodle in her favourite snoozin' spot

It wasn't me... Yeah sure Sonic

My little B girl - Angel...

...who really hates her photo being taken

Murphy - my grumpy old man. He's 11 going on 100

Riot showing how good you can look after a bit of spit and polish

Who's really just a big dork at heart

Pre spit and polish

If all else fails - suck on your blankie. It will always make you feel better!

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Anonymous said...

hi there karen it,s nick here paul and beryls son their here at my place at the moment just saw your blog and the dogs very good will keep watching it for an up date my e mail is dad and beryl say hi also very impressed chat soon nicko