Sunday, December 13, 2009


This afternoon I lost my little Angel.

I felt guilty after a weekend of commitments so rather than go to the agility trial tonight I decided to treat the dogs to a trip down the beach. It has been so hot all weekend it seemed the best place to be. All the dogs jumped in the car very excited at the prospect of going out. It only took fifteen minutes to get to the beach, but when I opened the back of the ute, Angel was lying down and appeared to be convulsing. I grabbed her out to see what was wrong but she was clearly struggling. We put her on Colin's lap in the front and drove to Murdoch as fast as we could. As we got closer I knew we were losing her. When we got to Murdoch we rushed her straight in but she was already blue. They tried desperately to revive her but were unable.

We've brought her home so we can bury her on the property. Tomorrow I'm going to find somewhere special just for her.

She was such a gorgeous girl. She came to me as a two year old with lots of problems after starting out as a show dog, living in kennels. She was literally scared of her own shadow. In the last seven years she had blossomed into such a lovely girl. She always carried the mental scars that had developed from those first two years, but as soon as she trusted you she was your friend for life. She did a little bit of agility which helped to build her confidence and reminded me of a ballerina as she danced around the course. But first and foremost she was our pet who loved nothing more than a cuddle and to play with the other dogs.

We will miss her so much.

RIP Angel
8/01/2000 - 13/12/2009


Anonymous said...

Karen, I am so sorry. Condolences to you, Colin and the fur kids

Kriszty said...

What a beautiful video Karen, a lovely tribute to Angel. She looks so happy in it, which is directly due to the amazing amount of work you did with her! I know her ballerina leaps will be remembered by many in agility, but I will remember the special relationship you guys had. She wasnt one of those dogs who loved everyone, her rough start in life made her a timid little girl, but she loved one person, and that person was you. You did an amazing job getting her confidence to the stage where she was able to function as a normal and happy dog. I'm so sorry you have lost her so early.
Thinking of you,