Thursday, January 20, 2011

The tale of the podgy puppy

The truth cannot be denied. Sonic is a tad on the tubby side....sorry Sonic, that's weight challenged to you.

What did you just call me???

Apparently even a normally weedy working border collie with a raging metabolism can put on weight if you overfeed them and then don't exercise them for six weeks.

Naaaah, all lies!

I could indeed quite comfortably eat my dinner off his lovely rounded backside.

Did someone say it's dinner time?

I mistakenly thought that after returning to normal exercise he would naturally return to a normal girth size but the excess around his middle is not disappearing quite as quickly as I thought it would. Mmmm, can't shift weight around the middle, sounds strikingly familiar. Weight Watchers here we come.

But look, my fur is growing back!

Our first trial for 2011 is in less than two weeks. I think we have some work to do.

But just look at my grass! Here is the grass on 7th January after we finished spreading the magic sand around.

And here it is as of today 20th January only 13 days later. Yeehah!

And it's all for me.

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