Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer, summer go away

Where do frogs hang out at our place when it's hot?

The dunny!

When disturbed he just launches himself into the bowl and swims off down the pipes (this is the man toilet in the shed I might add...). I may well have had a different reaction if I came across this scene in the house, and not just because of the frog.

His own private swimming pool. Lucky frog!

I'm so sick of this weather. Every week the weather forecasters tell us "possible shower", but it's all lies. Even with an air conditioner it just gets tedious when it's day after day. Hopefully we don't run out of water. No scheme water to rely on out here. Every night on the news another part of Australia is getting flooded but Perth can't even seem to manage a light shower.

Riot checking his emails

The agility lawn is well and truly ready for the new retic to be installed and to be mowed properly but it's too hot to do anything productive. So its just getting longer and longer. Looks pretty amazing though I have to say. It would be nice to actually start using it but the retic pipes are in the way and I have no doubt that I would fall over them.

When feeling that I'm not getting enough done I get to remind myself what it looked like in October last year...

This week and desperately needing a mow!

Sonic is starting to look more like himself every week. I've been doing lots of grid work with him at home and he is slowly getting back into condition. We are getting the feel for each other again which is awesome. We have an ADAA trial this Saturday night which will allow for some much needed ring practice before the Western Classic.

Look at my fur!

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