Sunday, June 10, 2012

Introducing Fizz

After being home from Belgium for a week it was time to turn the house upside down again with the addition of little Fizz.

Miss Fizzy 
Fizz has been a long time coming.  I have wanted a Lexi pup for a very long time but through one thing and another it took over eighteen months to eventuate.  We had picked a particular stud dog but with her coming in season at an unexpected time it was decided to mate her to my boy Riot.  There actually isn't a big different between Riot's blood lines and the other male dog that we'd picked out but as Riot is a little "different" he wasn't my first choice as the sire.  In saying that both Riot and his sister have produced some really nice offspring including very nice agility dogs so I'm sure it will be OK.  Just me being paranoid really and so far Fizz is absolutely nothing like her father was when he was a puppy.  She's a total cuddle bunny who can't get enough of us.

I'm sure there are plenty of people wondering why I've gone for show lines and not working lines as it's mostly the working lines that are leading the way in WA.  For me it was a very personal choice.  These blood lines go back to my beautiful girl Soda Pop where it all started for me and then subsequently produced Lexi who was a lovely little agility dog and her litter sister Sage who has won every major event in Australia during her career including an Ag Champion title.  If little Fizz is anything like Soda and Sage I'll be a very happy girl.

She has settled in really well.  To begin with she was a little cautious but now she has well and truly come out of herself.  I've done nothing with her other than play tug since she got here.  When I get back from the Nationals I'll start to introduce the usual stuff.  Its Yer Choice being pretty high on the list as she's starting to get a bit cheeky and has started trying to steal food out of the pantry if we leave the door open for more than two seconds.  But how can you tell her off when she's just so darn cute :) Fizz and Cassie get on like a house on fire.  If they had their way they would play 24/7.  They are affectionately known as double trouble...

The elder statesman and the youngster, Murphy & Fizz
This week also saw the Murphster turn fifteen years old.  He's still doing really well.  He has regular acupuncture to try and keep things from seizing up.  He has totally mellowed in his old age.  Cassie is his regular snuggle partner on the dog bed which just so cute.  I feel so lucky to still have both Murphy and Soda with me.
My beautiful old boy

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