Saturday, February 28, 2015

Introducing Veto

Finally after what seems like a really, really long wait, my new border collie puppy has joined us.  I spent most of last year waiting for a litter that never eventuated after the bitch either never got pregnant or reabsorbed.  I was pretty disappointed as I am a huge fan of both the bitch and dog, however obviously it was just not meant to be.  It was fortunate that there were a few other options around with some very nice litters planned for the end of last year.  A pup from any of those litters would have been great but this time round I had my heart set on working lines with a more leggy type who was full on and ready for some fun.  And of course after waiting most of last year for a pup who never came I wasn't going to look at anything until a litter was on the ground!

Veto (8 weeks)
So on 19th February little Veto arrived.  He is a super sweet little guy who is full of life, loves people, a good cuddle.  He also loves papillon ears and tails...but can be convinced to play tug with toys instead.  He had a pretty crappy trip over from NSW between flights being cancelled and then delayed.  Note to self, next time go and get him myself!  He had a very upset tummy for days and his skin got all itchy.  So he had a trip tot he vet and came home with a months worth of antibiotics to sort things out.

Cassie and Veto (8 weeks)
The dogs have taken a bit of time to warm to him.  In fact Riot and Sonic still haven't warmed to him, but I did see Sonic wag his tail at him the other morning.  Before telling him to go away.  He's been good for Fizz and she loves playing with him.  When she's in the mood anyway!  Cassie was really not amused to begin with.  She'd prefer not to share me and my attentions.  But she does like playing with him, he just gets a little too rough for her so I have to step in every now and again to bring things to a stop.  She has enthusiastically introduced him to pappy zoomies.

Veto - ears going up (9 weeks)
 Overall he is everything I could have asked for in a puppy with all the attributes that I am looking for.  Health wise things are good from a DNA perspective with his father clear of all the standard border collie genetic problems.  I will at some point do all the DNA tests just to make sure he isn't a carrier of anything as his mum is untested.  But that doesn't really matter unless I want to breed from him.  He will be PenHipped at sixteen weeks so I can be confident that his hips are going to be OK.  I have no reason to think they won't be but after the frustration and disappointment of Sonic's hips dysplasia I want to be sure that Veto's is going to have a long and sound career with a lot less of the heartbreak.   

Cassie - apparently not amused...
For now his life is all about having fun and getting to know each other.  We have joined puppy class at the local vet to make sure he gets a nice rounded socialisation program which doesn't only involve going to agility training and trials.  I just want to make sure he can handle anything he may come across, not just the agility environment.  He has a great appetite so teaching him new stuff is easy and he tries really hard to earn his food and of course he loves his toys.  Over the years I've come to the realisation that acquiring a gifted agility dog is somewhat of a lottery.  All the planning and care taken to select a "super agility dog" when they are puppies is really all guess work and could likely make not one iota of difference.  So I'm just going to enjoy him for now and we'll see what happens!

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