Thursday, June 26, 2008

Keep a Secret

(All photo's by Sam Weaver)

Time to see how Sonic's big sister is going. Secret was born first, Sonic last and when they were puppies she was almost double his size. But you wouldn't know it now. Secret is a diminutive little thing but manages to make up for it with a larger than life personalilty. She certainly doesn't let you forget that you are in her presence!
Young Secret is down on the farm in Kojanup at the moment with Sam and Richard so Sam has very kindly sent some brilliant photo's of the crazy little lass while she's there - thanks Sam :-).
Unfortunately Kriszty and I don't train at the same grounds so I haven't had the opportunity to see Secret in action at training. Secret is such a feisty little miss and I have no doubt that she will be really exciting and will rock big time when she eventually hits the agility world.
It is planned that Secret and Sonic are going to be Strategic Pairs partners in the future and I have visions of utter chaos on the course! I have no doubt it will be a lot of fun though...

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Kriszty said...

Hahaha 'eventually' is right..I am thinking 2010 sounds like a good year!! SPs will be double trouble all right..cant wait!!!