Friday, January 9, 2009

2 x 2 Update

Unfortunately there has been no let up in the really hot weather we've been getting in Perth over the last week. The only good place to be of an evening is either down the beach or in the lounge with the air conditioning on.

Sonic and I have only managed about 5 days worth of 2 x 2 training so far. We had a couple of days where we could fit in two sessions but mostly we can only do the one per day. At this stage I'm pretty happy with Sonic's progress. We seem to have some sessions where I can rarely get him to make a mistake and other sessions were we make loads of mistakes! I'm glad that he is making some mistakes as hopefully it will only help to increase his understanding of the game.

We now have the 2 x 2's at 4 feet apart but still at the 8 o'clock/2 o'clock angle. Sonic has had the last couple of days off so when we do a session tomorrow morning I'm hoping that we can start to rotate them around. Apparently next week is going to be cooler plus the Canine grounds are reopening so I should be able to get a bit more done and, all going well even have the 4 poles in a straight line by the end of the week. I must admit I am really looking forward to getting the whole weaving thing trained as I can't wait to be able to do proper sequences with him rather than having to do half of one and miss bits that he can't do yet. Mind you I still haven't trained the See Saw but thats a story for another day...

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