Thursday, January 29, 2009

Off to Melbourne

The time has arrived to head off to a rather overly sunny and over heated Victoria. For some reason whenever Greg & Laura come to Perth the weather manages to be appalling. I'd say they were bringing it with them except that they are coming from a UK winter!

I'm my usual nervous self about putting dogs on a plane. It's going to be really hard to leave Sonic at air frieght tomorrow morning. I should be used to flying with dogs by now but I just hate the thought that he may get stressed and upset. Plus my other dogs have always flown with other dogs that they know where as Sonic has to do this by himself. To help him be a bit more comfortable I've packed one of his favourite stuffed toys plus a peanut butter kong to amuse himself with on the plane. Hopefully that will help to relieve a bit of his stress. Not sure what I'm going to do for my stress...I'd turn to alcohol if I didn't have a one and a half hour drive ahead of me when I get off the plane.

Aside from crap weather and my anxiety about flying Sonic for the first time I am really looking forward to the seminar. I've gone through all the course maps that I've been sent and I found it pretty easy to work through them to make my handling decisions. I think that after three GD seminars and watching his latest DVD has finally helped implant the understanding in my brain of how to make my course choices! I can actually walk any given sequence now and now within a minute of thinking about it where I should go based on GD's principles. I use to stand in the ring for about half an hour trying to figure it out and even after then I couldn't say that the choices I made were particularly good or helpful.

Anyway, time for bed. I have to be up at a rather ungodly hour to make sure that I get Sonic to air freight on time. Hopefully I will return full of insightful and stimulating agility training stories.

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