Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Sonic!

What goes squawk, squawk, thump, squawk, squawk, thump?

A tree full of Barnaby's Black Cockatoo's having an afternoon feast perched in a banksia tree. If it wasn't for the amount of noise they made I could easily have thought it had started raining banskia cones. I definitely wouldn't recommend standing under one of the trees while they were up there without wearing some type of head protection.

Squawk, squawk...

stand clear.....thump!

Can you believe that my Little Man turned three years old today? I keep telling him he's a grown up now but I don't think he wants to grow up cause he's having so much fun being the baby of the house!

Happy birthday Sonic!

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Kriszty said...

Happy Birthday Sonic.. I forgot Sectret's until Cord texted to tell her Happy Birthday!