Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spring is on its way

While most of the Perth agility community headed down to Bunbury for an agility trial, I was at home doing housey things. Not because I didn't want to do the agility trial I just love being here and it doesn't happen very often.

When I was outside in the garden I noticed for the first time this year that all our native trees have started flowering. They are all probably very confused with the endless sunny winter days and no rain. I will not pretend to be even remotely green thumbed. At my house plants tend to either survive of their own good fortune, get trambled by dogs and die or just die anyway. I have noted that native plants are impresively resiliant. I have no idea what 99% of the plants are called but they all looked so amazing with the different colours and types that I went inside and got my camera out to take some photos.

Bottle brush...? Who cares, look at that awesome bee that I managed to get in the shot!

Pretty purple flower

Pretty pink spikey type flowers

Protea (?)

Bottle brush (maybe the first one wasn't a bottle brush) otherwise known as pretty yellow and red flower

A couple of black and white fluffy flowers otherwise known as border collies

and pink/red flowers to finish off!

I love this place.

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