Friday, February 8, 2013

Tribute to Murphy

How do you say goodbye to your best mate?  There are no words I can find that explain the feeling.  Questioning yourself constantly but knowing that it's the right decision.  Dreading it till the very last moment.  Knowing that you can't take it back once it's done.  Once the tears abait realising that you have given the gift of peace and that no more pain will be suffered.  It has to be enough.

I picked Murphy out when he was three days old.  He had a "thumb print" on his head just like his mother.  It seemed to me a good sign.  I had my heart set on a chocolate and white border collie so when an ad appeared in the newspaper for a choc and white litter to be born it seemed that it was meant to be.  I had not always been a border collie person.  When I was younger my favourite breed was the German Shepherd.  But somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to do obedience and agility and I knew that a border collie would be the perfect partner.

He was for the most part a gentle soul.  He was my shadow from the very beginning and would never have left my side if he'd had a choice.  For a big softy he had quite a tough side and was extremely protective of those that he loved.  Over fifteen years of wonderful memories that I'll never forget. 

I'll miss you so much my big man.  Gone to join his best friend Soda at the rainbow bridge.


Hasib Sarker said...

Hi Karen! Really, you will miss Murphy. We had a good border collie. He was a good watchman for more than 5 families. The families could sleep without tension from the thief. In the last year, Some evil person killed our watchman :(

Hasib Sarker

Kriszty said...

Lovely tribute to a fabulous boy.