Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting Fit

A couple of weeks ago when I caught up with one of my long time girlfriends she totally inspired me with both her physical and mental transformation.  She had struggled for many years to return to her pre-child (and twins I might add) bearing sized body of thirteen years ago.  Out of the blue she made a decision that she'd had enough of accepting things as they were, signed up for a twelve week diet and exercise program and has never looked back.  Not only does she look great but she is the most positive I've ever seen her.  Just brilliant.  So I came home and raved to Colin how fabulous she looked and next thing you know we are now doing the same program ourselves.  We both have different goals.  Colin is keen to lose some extra kilos that have crept up and I want to be both fitter and healther.  It's hard work keeping up with a papillon.  It's only week 1 and it is hard work both in doing an hour of exercise every day (especially when your knackered after a long day at work) but also completely changing our eating habits.  But we are both determined and of course there to support each other.  We've both already started losing weight.  It's amazing what can happen when you eliminate crap from your diet and stick to calorie limits!

I'm more than anything looking forward to be fitter.  It's going to be of great benefit when I travel to Spain to compete at the World Agility Open this year and of course my main goal in all this will be to keep up with Cassie.  It's only one week until Cassie's first trial.  I've been very much up and down about whether to run her or not.  I have no doubt that she will easily manage a novice jumping course but getting her focused is a bit of a work of art.  I'm getting much better at understanding what I need to do to have her in the zone but given the pressure of having to have her spot on mentally ready at the point in which we walk up to the start line is going to be challenging.  At least at training if I don't think she's ready I can spend another couple of minutes getting there.  We won't have that luxury at a trial.  But you know, sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and just have a go.  If it's a disaster then we'll keep working on it. 

Cassie started her A-frame training a couple of weeks ago after I took delivery of our magnificent brand new A-frame courtesy of Brian Cowling.  Cassie approves and is loving it.  With her already solid understanding of the mat she has picked it up very quickly.  I'm expecting to get her up to full height by the end of this week.  My biggest aim with Cassie is to have her ready for the State Trial in April.  I think we'll be OK.  Again, it's really about her focus with her understanding of the equipment pretty good at this stage.  It is hugely exciting.  She's such a talented little dog and just so much fun.  I feel so lucky that she's come into my life and brough with her a new level of excitment for my favourite sport.

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