Monday, September 24, 2007

And the winner is.....

I have asleep at my feet the new Sonic (aka Little Man). It was so hard to choose and took me all day. For the most part I was set on Shoulder Spot Boy but as we did the temperament tests Little Man did better at the tests that I felt were more important. Although I ended up basing my final selection on a test that I did which involved me sitting down by myself with all the puppies. As they kept jumping up on me I kept pushing them away to see which pup would keep persevering. Little Man just wouldn't leave me alone. Even after everyone else had buggered off to play elsewhere he just kept trying to get into my lap. So at that point I felt that my decision was made.
We had a good trip home from Kojonup with both Shoulder Spot Boy (now known as Billy) and Sonic riding on Gillian's knee. After a bit of fidgeting they both slept for the majority of the journey. We arrived back at my house around 8.30pm so it was a bit of a rush getting them all fed without Sonic screaming about being left alone. He was really hungry though and tucked into his dinner with gusto.
Last night wasn't too bad. I had his crate right next to my bed. He whimpered a bit which is understandable seeing as his whole life has just changed. After chatting quietly to him however, he settled down. He did wake up a few times and whimpered a bit but generally went back to sleep if I talked soothingly to him.
He's been having lots of fun exploring today. Unfortunately it's a very wet and windy day so we haven't been outside much. He follows me everywhere and when he gets to me plants himself between my feet. I wouldn't call him independant at all at this stage. He much prefers to be with you and as close as possible. Right now he is currently fast asleep at my feet.
He's enjoying playing tug games with me but when I tried doing some food rewards this morning for eye contact he didn't really get it at all. I think we'll take that type of training very slow. He does like food but he's not all that motivated by it. Mind you with his fat little belly that's not really any great surprise!!
All in all I'm very rapt with him. Sam has done a great job bringing them up to be happy and well adjusted little dogs.

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