Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time to pick Sonic....But who do I choose??

Shoulder Spot Boy
Little Man
(Photo's by Sam Weaver)

Sam has suggested that it would be good for us to take our pups home this weekend. She thinks that the pups are ready to be socialised outside the farm environment and start embracing their new lives. So Sonic will be coming home with me after I choose him on Sunday. I have taken an extra week off work to be with him for as long as possible before heading back to work.
So who do I choose, Shoulder Spot Boy or Little Man?? I think LM is totally cute but SSB seems to be really shining personality wise. From what Sam has written on the pupdates blog SSB is the first to do everything and appears to have no fear of life. LM doesn't seem to be quite as outgoing and is more upset by noises etc. I may just have to rely on my gut intinct when I see them on Sunday.
I have some serious puppy preparations to complete over the next couple of days. I was going to do most of it this coming week but now the arrival date has moved forward I only have tomorrow. So Riot and I will be making a trip to Better Pets and Gardens to see if we can get some puppy food and accessories at a good price (have to use his fame for something good!!).
Then I have to organise a bit of a roster and plan what types of puppy training I want to start him off with. Busy, busy, busy...

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